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Optimise Your Career Strategy

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Steer Your Career Towards Success

Goal Setting

Align your career goals with your personal vision and mission

CV Writing & LinkedIn Optimisation

Optimise your career branding to attract job opportunities

Job Search Strategy

Explore various job search channels and how to use them effectively

Job Interviews

Prepare for common and behavioral interview questions

Prevent Job Search Burnout

Recognise the signs of job search burnout

How this guide has changed the lives of people just like you ...

After years in the same role, I wanted to advance my career but had no idea how. Dave's book was the guide I needed. Optimise Your Career Strategy equipped me with the strategies to position myself better and negotiate successfully. I've now stepped into a leadership role in my field, and I owe my success to this invaluable resource.
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Anita, Basel
Marketing Director
Dave's book was a game-changer for me. I was stuck in a job I didn't enjoy, not knowing how to move forward. 'Optimise Your Career Strategy' gave me the tools I needed to reassess my skills, set new career goals, and nail the interviews. I'm now in a role I love, and I owe it all to this insightful guide.
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Frédéric, Zug
Franchise Head
After being made redundant during the pandemic, I was overwhelmed and lost. Dave's book was a lifeline, providing practical, straightforward advice that calmed my fears and reinvigorated my job search. Thanks to Optimise Your Career Strategy, I landed a job that aligns perfectly with my career ambitions.
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Laura, London
HR Specialist

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