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Are You Facing These Career Roadblocks?

  • Hitting a Career Plateau

  • Unnoticed Efforts: 

  • Time Constraints

  • Difficulty Articulating Your Value

  • Keeping Up with Trends

  • Uncertainty in Career Transitioning

  • Standing Out in a Crowd

Your Job Search Shouldn't Be This Challenging

It takes on average 4-6 months to find a new job
Time to hire is increasing
People sepnd 46 months of their career applying for new jobs

Your Guide to The Different Types of CV Writers

CV Formatting

Provide simple formatting services for people who need their CV to be presentable, legible, and readable.

Price Range: £49-£199
Timescale: Hours
Professional CV Writers

Just like Your Career Optimiser, professional CV writers create from scratch bespoke CVs, which are ATS optimised and professionally written.

Price Range: £299-£499
Timescale: Days
Executive CV Writers

Dedicated writers with 20+ years experience and have accumulated numerous credentials and acceditations to write CVs for senior leaders.

Price Range: £699+
Timescale: Weeks

CV Writing Services by Your Career Optimiser

Strategic Alignment

I don't write about your work history, I create a narrative that aligns your biggest strengths to your greatest opportunities with your own personal value proposition.

Forward-Looking Career Storytelling

I create compelling career stories to showcase your professional journey by highlighting the RIGHT experience for the RIGHT job opportunities.

Advanced Career Branding

I integrate your career brand into your CV, creating a consistent and powerful narrativve that demosntates why you are the RIGHT person.

Strategic Keyword Optimisation

I apply strategic keyword optimisation to enhance your CV's visibility for the most competitive roles.

International Certified CV Writer

I leverage the most up to date practices to ensure that your CV is written to the latest expectations for job applications in over 20 countries across 3 continents.

Ongoing CV Support

I offer guidance on how to update and adapt your CV as you gain new experiences and skills, ensuring it remains a dynamic and current.

Curriculum vitae and Résumé writing

I am Ready to Write Your CV


I create professional written CVs that gets you noticed and gets you more interviews.

Your Guide to Career Coaches

Life Coach

Helps individuals make progress in their personal or professional lives to achieve greater fulfillment. They assist clients in identifying obstacles, finding motivation, and making choices about their next steps.

Price Range: £199-£499 / hour
Timescale: Months - Years
Career Coach

Supporting individuals to reach their career goalsby identifying their strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. They conduct one-on-one counseling, provide career advice, and support clients in their professional paths.

Price Range: £99-£199 / hour
Timescale: Weeks
Executive Coach

Provides structured, and trustworthy environment to support and maximise the personal and professional potential of senior managers or leaders within an organisation.

Price Range: £499+ / hour
Timescale: Months - Years

Career Coaching Services by Your Career Optimiser

Strategic Career Alignment

Your career coaching starts with learning what is most important to your career.

Career Mapping

We map out a long-term career trajectory that acts as a blueprint for optimising your career opportunities.

Career Branding Mastery

Learn how to create a career brand that not only showcases your biggest strenghts but works for you 24/7.

Strategic Networking Techniques

I provide insights and strategies for effective networking, helping you to establish connections that advance your career.

Bespoke Interview Coaching

Learn and practice advanced interview techniques to secure more job offers.

Ongoing Career Support

Together, we shape your long-term career trajectory with regular check ins to monitor your progression.

I am Ready to Optimise Your Career Opportunities

Career mind map

1:1 Career Coaching

Take control of your career with my 4, 6, and 8 week coaching programmes. 

Are You Ready to Work With Me?

1. Book Your Appointment
Select a convenient time and date
2. Career Discovery Consultation
I spend time with you to better understand your biggest challenges in your career.
3. Career Optimisation Agreement
Following your Career Discovery Session, I will send you a Career Optimisation Agreement, which, which outlines how we commit to your career.

My Commitment to Your Career

Easy to Contact

After our first appointment, you can contact me via email and phone. I am very responsive and get back to you quickly to answer any questions.

Accountability Partner

Your Career Optimiser is more than a service; it's a partnership dedicated to your career growth.

Your Source of Knowledge and Expertise

I provide expert guidance based on proven strategies. You'll benefit from insights and techniques that have helped professionals secure new roles and promotions in over 20 countries across 3 continents.

Commitment to Results

Your success is my success. I am committed to delivering results that make a real difference in your career.


I have helped professionals to get new jobs and secure promotions in over 20 countries across 3 continents. I know what your local recruiters and hiring managers are looking for.

Clear Pricing

Prices for my services are available here on the website. I provide all enquiries with the same pricing information before any decisions are made.

GDPR Compliant

Having worked with and processed talent-related data in the UK and across Europe for the past 10 years, I know privacy is key and ensure all of my processes are GDPR compliant.


The best way to understand yourself and your career, I need to see you face to face (virtually). That is why all meetings are done virtually via Zoom or Teams.

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