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I support professionals in the UK, across Europe, North America, and The Middle East to optimise their career branding.  Countries include:

UK,  Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, US, Canada, and UAE.



Discover your potential on the worlds largest professional network and optimise your career opportunities with our LinkedIn Masterclass.

Did you know that 95 Job applications are submitted through LinkedIn every second, and 3 people are hired every minute?

I take you through my comprehensive 12-point checklist to:

✔️ Optimise your LinkedIn Profile to attract more opportunities.

✔️ Optimise your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your value proposition.

✔️ Position yourself on LinkedIn as an expert in your specific field.

✔️ Learn marketing strategies to promote your strengths to your target market.

✔️ Gain insights and recommendations on how to network on LinkedIn.

To get the most out of your LinkedIn Masterclass, you will receive a pre-workshop questionnaire to complete as well as an editable Masterclass Handout for note taking.

My Commitment to Your Career

Easy to Contact

After our first appointment, you can contact me via email and phone. I am very responsive and get back to you quickly to answer any questions.

Accountability Partner

Your Career Optimiser is more than a service; it's a partnership dedicated to your career growth.

Your Source of Knowledge and Expertise

I provide expert guidance based on proven strategies. You'll benefit from insights and techniques that have helped professionals secure new roles and promotions in over 20 countries across 3 continents.

Commitment to Results

Your success is my success. I am committed to delivering results that make a real difference in your career.


I have helped professionals to get new jobs and secure promotions in over 20 countries across 3 continents. I know what your local recruiters and hiring managers are looking for.

Clear Pricing

Prices for my services are available here on the website. I provide all enquiries with the same pricing information before any decisions are made.

GDPR Compliant

Having worked with and processed talent-related data in the UK and across Europe for the past 10 years, I know privacy is key and ensure all of my processes are GDPR compliant.


The best way to understand yourself and your career, I need to see you face to face (virtually). That is why all meetings are done virtually via Zoom or Teams.

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