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Who Are The Best UK CV Writers?

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There has been a noticable shift in the job market this year.  Perhaps, you have noticed it? 

Companies are now much more selective and competition for job is fierece.  Standing out from the crowd has never been more crucial. The first hurdle in landing that dream job is often making a stellar first impression, and this is where the power of a professionally written CV cannot be overstated. A well-written CV does more than just list your experiences and qualifications; it strategically showcases your unique value proposition, making you an irresistible candidate to prospective employers.

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The Importance of a Professionally Written CV

The significance of a professionally written CV extends far beyond aesthetics. In an era where Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) filter out countless applications, a CV tailored to pass through these digital gatekeepers can be the difference between securing an interview and being overlooked. A professional CV writer not only ensures your CV is ATS-friendly but also highlights your achievements and skills in a way that resonates with your target roles and industries. This approach significantly increases your chances of being noticed and, ultimately, hired.

Introduction to the British Association of CV Writers (BACVW)

Amid the unregulated landscape of CV writing in the UK, distinguishing between the myriad of services on offer can be daunting. This is where the British Association of CV Writers (BACVW) comes into play. Established as a not-for-profit entity, the BACVW aims to set a benchmark for excellence in the CV writing industry. It provides a community for independent CV writers to share best practices, ideas, and experiences. Membership in this esteemed association is a hallmark of credibility and professionalism, offering job seekers peace of mind that they are engaging with writers committed to the highest standards of service.

Why Choose a BACVW Member

Opting for a CV writer who is a member of the BACVW comes with a plethora of advantages. Firstly, BACVW members have passed a rigorous vetting process, including a basic CV writing test and adherence to a strict code of ethics. This assures clients of not only their proficiency in crafting outstanding CVs but also their commitment to ongoing professional development. By choosing a BACVW member, you are not just hiring a CV writer; you are investing in a partnership with a professional dedicated to enhancing your employability and helping you navigate the complexities of the job market with confidence.

In the following sections, we will delve into profiles of top BACVW members, providing you with a comprehensive guide to choosing the right CV writer for your career aspirations.

Top CV Writers Near You

Each of these professionals offers a unique set of skills and services tailored to help job seekers navigate the complexities of the job market successfully. By choosing a BACVW member for your CV writing needs, you’re ensuring that your career narrative is in expert hands, capable of crafting a document that not only passes ATS filters but also captures the essence of your professional journey.

Charlotte Eve - Greater Brighton and Hove Area

Charlotte Eve’s journey from a keen observer to a professional CV writer encapsulates her passion for storytelling and empowerment. Founding C K Futures, Charlotte has crafted over 20,000 CVs, especially for those facing the toughest job market challenges. Specialising in emergency services CVs in recent years, her comprehensive services range from CV and LinkedIn profile writing to interview coaching. Website | LinkedIn

Kathryn Hall - Tamworth, England, United Kingdom

Kathryn, known as “The Career Owl,” is your ally at pivotal career junctures, offering bespoke guidance for professionals at all levels. With a passion for empowering job seekers, Kathryn crafts compelling career stories and tackles job search hurdles head-on. Her services include CV and cover letter writing, LinkedIn optimisation, and interview preparation. Website | LinkedIn

Laura Harmsworth - Reading, England, United Kingdom

Laura offers a lifeline in the overwhelming task of CV writing, combining her HR background and extensive experience to craft CVs that stand out. Her services include a free initial discussion, CV writing, cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile writing, and interview support. Laura is committed to writing CVs that give you the best chance of getting through screening software. Website | LinkedIn

Debbie Dymock - Wellingborough, England, United Kingdom

As a multi-award-winning CV writer and career guidance practitioner, Debbie writes achievement-based CVs that secure visibility in a competitive market. A member of the management board of BACVW, Debbie focuses on producing CVs that reflect clients’ value and worth. Her expertise also extends to training and assessing in career guidance. Website | LinkedIn

David Smith - Colne, England, United Kingdom

David Smith is dedicated to increasing your application-to-interview ratio, providing insights from both jobseeker and recruiter perspectives. His services include CV tailoring, LinkedIn profile optimisation, digital design for personal branding, and job search best practices. David is committed to simplifying the job search process and maximising application effectiveness. Website | LinkedIn

3 photos of professionals writing their CVs and a larger photo of a magnifying glass looking at cvs

Elizabeth Openshaw - Southwick, England, United Kingdom

With a rich background as a journalist and a senior CV consultant, Elizabeth Openshaw excels in articulating clients’ careers into compelling narratives. Her dedication to never missing a deadline showcases her reliability and commitment to excellence. Elizabeth’s approachable nature, coupled with her organisational skills, ensures a seamless and personalised CV crafting experience for every client. LinkedIn

Tracey Salisbury - Clacton-on-Sea, England, United Kingdom

Tracey Salisbury’s blend of CV writing expertise and HR consultancy offers a holistic approach to career advancement. Her qualifications as an MCIPD HR Consultant enrich her understanding of the job market, enabling her to provide nuanced advice tailored to individual career aspirations. Tracey’s dedication to personalisation is evident in her bespoke services, which are designed to empower clients to achieve their full potential. Website | LinkedIn

Jen David - London, England, United Kingdom

Jen David’s passion for words transforms ordinary CVs into powerful career tools. Her editorial skills not only refine CVs but also elevate professional online presences, making her a sought-after expert in the field. Jen’s commitment to quality is matched by her ability to capture a client’s professional essence, ensuring their CV stands out in the competitive job market. Website | LinkedIn

Suzie Henriques - Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Suzie Henriques at The CV Bee specialises in creating buzz around your career, offering a suite of services from CV writing to interview coaching. Her approach is deeply personal, focusing on understanding each client’s unique story to craft documents that truly represent them. Suzie’s passion for helping people shines through in her commitment to delivering results that exceed expectations. Website | LinkedIn

Debra Mills - Greater Edinburgh Area

Debra Mills is renowned for turning professional experiences into compelling CVs that capture the attention of recruiters. Her deep understanding of what employers look for enables her to craft documents that highlight her clients’ strengths and achievements. Debra’s dedication to her craft is evident in her commitment to providing resources that assist job seekers in navigating their career journey. Website | LinkedIn

Adriana Kosovska - United Kingdom

Adriana Kosovska brings a unique blend of financial acumen and human-centric coaching to her career services, offering more than just CV writing—she provides a pathway to career fulfillment. Her approach is tailored to empower clients, helping them align their career with their purpose and passions. Adriana’s work is a testament to the belief that a fulfilling career is the cornerstone of a happy life. Website | LinkedIn


Constance Johnson - West Midlands, England, United Kingdom

Constance Johnson’s expertise as a career consultant extends beyond CV writing to encompass a full suite of career development services. Her focus on leadership coaching and executive presence has made her a trusted advisor for ambitious professionals and executives. Constance’s ability to facilitate transformative mindset shifts places her clients on the fast track to career success. Website | LinkedIn

Sharon Marsden - London Area, United Kingdom

Sharon Marsden combines over 25 years of experience in the Technology sector with a sharp eye for personal branding, making her an invaluable partner for senior professionals. Her expertise in executive coaching and CV writing helps clients navigate their career journey with confidence. Sharon’s approach is holistic, considering each aspect of the client’s professional narrative to ensure their CV and LinkedIn profile command attention. Website | LinkedIn

Sonjay Kapembeza - London Area, United Kingdom

Sonjay Kapembeza, a Reed-trained Corporate Recruiter, leverages her recruitment expertise to craft CVs that open doors to corporate giants. Sonjay’s insider knowledge ensures clients’ documents are precisely aligned with industry expectations. Sonjay’s commitment to providing personalised service is evident in her tailored advice, helping clients market themselves effectively in their job search. LinkedIn

Sally-Ann Monger - Greater Northampton Area

Sally-Ann Monger’s two decades of experience in career guidance have equipped her with the insights to support individuals across various career stages. Her deep understanding of the education sector and her commitment to inclusivity make her services especially valuable. Sally-Ann’s approach is characterised by empathy and empowerment, helping clients to navigate their career paths with confidence. LinkedIn

Jaqui Winston - Hemel Hempstead, England, United Kingdom

Jaqui Winston offers a tailored CV consultancy service that goes beyond writing to include strategic career advice. With a background in sales and marketing, she knows how to craft CVs that engage and persuade. Jaqui’s comprehensive service ensures that every aspect of the job application process, from LinkedIn profiles to cover letters, is optimised for success. Website | LinkedIn

Someone working on their CV on their computer

Lindsay Suzanne Fullarton - Hockley, England, United Kingdom

Lindsay Suzanne Fullarton brings a wealth of HR and recruitment experience to her CV writing services, offering clients not just documents, but a roadmap to career success. Her dedication to supporting individuals from apprentices to senior managers showcases her adaptability and commitment to helping clients realise their potential. Lindsay’s approach is personalised, ensuring each CV reflects the client’s unique strengths and goals. Website | LinkedIn

Janine Hinchey - Horsham, England, United Kingdom

Janine Hinchey’s expertise in training and recruitment makes her a versatile CV writer and career coach. Her ability to design and deliver effective training and recruitment processes translates into her skill in crafting CVs that stand out. Janine’s approach is collaborative, working closely with clients to ensure their career documents are a true reflection of their professional journey. LinkedIn

Brendan Hope - London Area, United Kingdom

Brendan Hope, the visionary behind DiamondCV Ltd, aims to polish job seekers into ‘diamond’ candidates, embodying resilience and brilliance. His expertise in CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile writing is complemented by strategic job-search sessions, enhancing clients’ marketability. Brendan’s dedication to personalisation and his understanding of the recruitment process ensure that each client shines brightly in the job market. Website | LinkedIn

Nelson Ayejoto - London, England, United Kingdom

Nelson Ayejoto, founder of ResumeByNelson, brings a dynamic approach to resume writing, focusing on opening doors to new opportunities for professionals at all levels. His service is grounded in a deep understanding of the latest recruitment strategies, ensuring each resume is a powerful tool in the job search arsenal. Nelson’s passion for career development is matched by his commitment to helping clients achieve significant career milestones. LinkedIn

Meg Burton - Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Meg Burton’s coaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that everyone has the potential to achieve their career goals. As an ILM 7 qualified executive coach, she has supported clients from various sectors, enabling them to navigate career transitions with confidence. Meg’s approach to coaching is holistic, focusing on both the emotional journey and the practical skills needed for successful career marketing. Website | LinkedIn

Dave Crumby - Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Dave Crumby, a certified member of The British Association of CV Writers, is not just a CV writer but a career visionary, helping individuals align their life goals with their career paths. His services, including career branding and interview workshops, are designed to empower clients to take control of their narrative. Dave’s recent accolades underscore his commitment to excellence and support in creating a better tomorrow for his clients. Website | LinkedIn

A photo of Dave Crumby, Your Career Optimiser working on a CV

Nicola Haggart - Greater Cheshire West and Chester Area

Nicola Haggart acts as a career fairy godmother, utilising her extensive background in HR and recruitment to guide clients towards their dream roles. Her services span from CV writing to comprehensive career coaching, offering a bespoke approach tailored to each client’s unique aspirations. Nicola’s dedication is evident in her ability to translate clients’ experiences and skills into compelling career narratives that resonate with recruiters. LinkedIn

Helga Edge - London, England, United Kingdom

Helga Edge, with her MBA background and recruiter insights, offers a comprehensive suite of career services designed to position top professionals as candidates of choice. Her approach to CV and LinkedIn profile writing is strategic, ensuring that clients’ documents are not only ATS friendly but also engaging and informative. Helga’s commitment to excellence has helped thousands of business leaders connect with current trends and reach new career heights. Website | LinkedIn

Genevieve Wells - United Kingdom

Genevieve Wells is a master at connecting high-growth companies with top-tier professionals, focusing on roles that impact revenue growth. Beyond recruitment, she offers career coaching and CV optimisation services, ensuring clients are well-equipped for success. Genevieve’s approach is characterised by kindness and respect, underpinning her commitment to providing a high-quality service to both candidates and clients. Website | LinkedIn

Charlotte Galbraith - Hamilton, Scotland, United Kingdom

Charlotte Galbraith’s expertise in talent acquisition and people operations is driven by a commitment to fostering workplaces where talent thrives. Her innovative strategies in HR have transformed people operations into strategic partners that drive business growth. Charlotte’s dedication to diversity and inclusion highlights her belief in the power of diverse perspectives to fuel organisational success. Website | LinkedIn

Amelia Brooke - Galashiels, Scotland, United Kingdom

Amelia Brooke, founder of ABCV, offers a unique, personalised service that extends beyond CV writing to encompass full career strategy development. Her background in technical recruitment and engineering industries provides a strong foundation for understanding clients’ technical and commercial ambitions. Amelia’s passion for career coaching is evident in her holistic approach, guiding clients through every step of their career journey. Website | LinkedIn

Carl Scutt - Hadfield, England, United Kingdom

Carl Scutt partners with clients to create not just career documents but narratives that capture their unique journey and aspirations. His investigative approach ensures a deep understanding of each client’s achievements, crafting powerful career stories that open doors. Carl’s work is a testament to his belief in the transformative power of a well-told career story. Website | LinkedIn

Joshua Farnsworth - Reading, England, United Kingdom

oshua Farnsworth combines his recruitment expertise with exceptional writing skills to produce CVs that significantly improve clients’ job prospects. His methodical approach and commitment to understanding clients’ needs result in bespoke CV packages that exceed expectations. Joshua’s ability to articulate clients’ professional stories has earned him extensive praise and high ratings across various review platforms. Website | LinkedIn

Müge Gökdeniz - London, England, United Kingdom

Müge Gökdeniz leverages her HR expertise and coaching skills to enhance careers through expertly written CVs and effective training programs. Her global experience across diverse industries provides her with the insights to offer comprehensive and practical solutions for career advancement. Müge’s passion for helping individuals achieve their goals is matched by her dedication to delivering results. Website | LinkedIn

Dan Walsh - Dartford, England, United Kingdom

Dan Walsh’s extensive experience in retail management and entrepreneurial ventures has equipped him with a unique perspective on career development. His transition to CV writing and career coaching is driven by a desire to help others achieve their professional goals. Dan’s approach is grounded in practical, real-world strategies that empower clients to navigate their career paths successfully. Website | LinkedIn

Rachel Clark - Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom

Rachel Clark, an experienced communicator specialising in supporting individuals with special educational needs, brings a compassionate and strategic approach to career development. Her expertise in project management and event planning enhances her ability to deliver targeted and effective career guidance. Rachel’s commitment to helping people achieve their career goals is evident in her personalised and inclusive services. LinkedIn

Claire Snow - Brayford, England, United Kingdom

Claire Snow’s two decades of experience in HR, Project, and Change Management have made her an expert in delivering successful HR projects and career coaching. Her logical approach and ability to create compelling communications are crucial in obtaining buy-in for HR initiatives. Claire’s dedication to continuous improvement and her role as a trusted partner underscore her effectiveness in guiding professionals through their career challenges. Website | LinkedIn

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How to Choose the Right CV Writer for You

Selecting the ideal CV writer is a pivotal decision in your career journey. Here are some tips to guide you through the process:

  1. Specialisation and Experience: Look for a CV writer with expertise in your industry or career level. Their familiarity with your field can make a significant difference in how well they articulate your professional narrative.

  2. Testimonials: Review their client testimonials. This will give you insights into their writing style and the success stories of their clients.

  3. Certifications and Memberships: Consider writers who are certified or members of professional associations like the BACVW. This adds an extra layer of trust and assurance of their commitment to quality and ethics.

  4. Consultation Process: Opt for a writer who offers an initial consultation. This is an opportunity to gauge their understanding of your career goals and to determine if there’s a good personal fit.

  5. Turnaround Time and Revisions: Ensure their turnaround time aligns with your schedule, and clarify their policy on revisions to understand how collaborative the process will be.

Are you ready to take the next step in your career with a professionally written CV that showcases your unique professional story? Explore the services offered by the esteemed members of the British Association of CV Writers today. Visit their websites, connect on LinkedIn, and find the right CV writer who not only understands your industry but is as invested in your career success as you are. Don’t let your CV be the barrier between you and your next career opportunity. Make the decision to invest in your future now.

Curriculum vitae and Résumé writing

Articulate your values and strengths to your next employer with a forward looking professionally written CV.

I am currently supporting professionals with their CVs / resumes in the UK, across Europe, and North America.  

Final Thoughts

In an increasingly competitive job market, a professionally written CV is not just an option but a necessity. It’s your first point of contact with potential employers, and it speaks volumes before you’ve had the chance to articulate your value in person. The British Association of CV Writers (BACVW) stands as a beacon of excellence, bringing together top-tier CV professionals dedicated to enhancing your career prospects. By choosing a BACVW member, you’re ensuring that your career narrative is in the hands of an expert committed to your success.

As someone who's dedicated their profession to understanding the nuances of CV writing and the broader job market, I've unearthed a key component many overlook - timing!

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